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Zrenjanin is the largest city in the Serbian part of Banat, and its political, economic, cultural, and sport center. In 2007 got the title of the "town of the future" and in 2008 the World Bank put in the first place among the Serbian cities regarding the business environment. During the next two years more than 20 green-filed sites were created by national and foreign investors. New industrial zones were created around the city and its products supplied to several parts of the world. They have a strong hope, that through this project they can support the local SMEs in the cross-border region promoting a higher level cooperation and commerce.


Tiszasziget Municipality

The history of Tiszasziget is determined by its geographical location. The settlement was established between the two big rivers' floodplain on an island-like flood-free area. In the northwestern highest part of the village called "Windmill - hill" - was the ancient, already wasted settlement.

Tiszasziget - its former name until 1955 was Ószentiván - belonged to the Temensvar Banat, where the Csanád bailiwick settled Serbs in 1746. The area was bought by the Municipality of Szeged from the Chamber in 1783.

On the present-day administrative area established Vedresháza mere was flood prevented by István Vedres who later settled tobacco farmers from Szeged here in 1808. The village was developing rapidly, but the great flood in 1816 ruined it once and for all. Only Térvár situated on a higher coast survived the floods.

During the resettlement a geometrically structured village was established in 1846. On the central place was the church built. The other public buildings were structured during the second half of the 30's from state aid.

The slow, but permanent rising of the population of Ószentiván from the year of 1880 was broken in the 30's. In 1955 the name of the settlement was changed to Tiszasziget.



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