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Dear Visitor,

We welcome you on the website of the Virtual incubator house established under the frame of the Hungarian- Serbian Cross-Border Cooperation program.

What is the virtual incubator house?

The incubator house is an enterprise supporting center which intends to help the starter business with useful information, advisory, trainings, and a wide range of services. The incubator house is an opportunity for such innovative start up firms which don't have the essential resources, information and Multilanguage appearance opportunities to be able to survive in the very challenging economic environment, and find partners.

We intend to intervene to make the enterprises getting the national and EU resources and supports individually or even together.

So the most important is to register your enterprise or start up business which helps you to obtain the necessary support during the first period of hardships what most of the new enterprises endure. We can provide support, and the know-how for the further developments leaning on our experts and professionals.

Most of the services are free of charge for the registered enterprises, which means your first and most important step is the registration. Enter and make us to help you!

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